What is Boomle.com?

Boomle.com is a anonymous meta-search engine, a search tool that provide users the ability of simultaneously search multiple search engines under one interface. Meta-search engines benefit users by saving them time and effort from having to individually visit multiple search engines in order to find the desired result.

It is possible that Boomle.com shows in the search results direct links to files or web pages that contain material that is protected by copyright or other intellectual property rights. However this material can be found and accessed by using the Website, Boomle.com does not and cannot grant its users the permission to download, copy or use this material. The user alone is responsible and liable of the use, copy and / or download of this material. Boomle.com is never responsible or liable for sanctions based on law or regulations of law suits of any kind against the user as result of using search services provided by Boomle.com.

  1. How do I submit my site?
    1. Boomle.com fetches results from other search engines and does not maintain a database of web pages. Thus,URL submissions are not accepted.
  2. How to contact Boomle.com?
    1. If you are unable to find the answer to your question in this FAQ or any other help pages please send us your feedback, comment, and/or suggestions to feedback@boomle.com or via form below or in writing to Andrey Samoilenko, Doneck. 83037, Kirova 142a/20